On sale – commercial premises in Cheb, Czech Republic

We are selling an extensive strategically placed commercial premises with a house converted into apartments. This complex is in an attractive part in the centre of Cheb on river bank of Ohře in neighbourhood with Svoboda, which is new cultural and socially centre. It is possible to sell individual buildings. The total measurement of the land is 4.522 m2, built-up area is approximately 2.800 m2, usable area of non-residential area is approximately 2.800 m2 + approximately about 540 m2 ramps and shelters, handling area and carparks approximately 1.536 m2, built-up area of the apartment building is about 165 m2, the floor area of the apartment building is about 440 m2 + 110 m2 reconstructed non-residental area in the basement of the house, garden is approximately about 145 m2. The grounds are devided on these objects: the main building – brick walls, 3 floors, partly with the basements – built-up area 625 m2 + loading ramps; the hight of storey 3,7; 3 and 2,5 m, next the big steel hall – bulit-up area 910 m2, the hight 5,7 m with the buit brick extension with loading ramp – built-up area 245 m2. Next the small steel hall, built-up area 109 m2, the apartment house with five flats in it and side – objects: asphalt handling areas, carparks, loading ramps, shelters and reception. The whole complex including the apartment house could be sold with existing tenants or empty. The complex is possible for usage of light manufacture, warehouses, offices, trade, leisure centre, housing and so on. More info: krstev@email.cz. Cena v KČ:24300000

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